Parent Resources

If your child wants to leave school, talk with your child to determine the issues. Are classes too challenging, or not challenging enough? Do they find class work boring? Are they struggling with their peers? We can connect students to resources that will help them resolve these issues.

You Are Not Alone

It is difficult for any parent to hear that their child wants to drop out of school. Many parents wonder what they can do during this time. Know that you are not alone. Visit the websites below for more information and support.

Find Some Help

Visit with your child's counselor and talk about the options that are available within the school that might support his or her needs. Explore Jeffco Public Schools educational options and external resources below:

The Office of Dropout Prevention also provides several brochures for parents:

You can contact the Office of Dropout Prevention and Recovery. We can help you determine the options available from the school district and the community. We can connect you and your child to resources that can help them obtain educational goals.