Thinking About Getting a GED?

What is the GED?

The GED (General Educational Development) diploma is obtained by passing a series of tests that measure the skills and concepts associated with four years of high school. There are four tests corresponding to the following subject areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning.

The GED provides an alternative for students 17 years of age and older who have dropped out of high school and would otherwise not obtain a diploma. However, deciding to get a GED over a diploma is a difficult choice and should be made only after you have researched all your options. See the information below on the differences between getting a GED and a high school diploma:

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For more information about the GED and its requirements, visit the Colorado Department of Education's GED Program page .

Is financial aid available to help pay for the GED?

The only financial aid available is through the American Job Center. Youth must meet criteria related to income level and status. For more information visit the American Job Center website.

How Can I Prepare for the GED?

Your first step is to determine how well you might perform on the GED test if you were to take it today. You can visit an online GED pretest and test signup like . These practice tests will give you a pretty good idea of how well you will do on the real GED.

There are many GED Preparation Programs to help you prepare for the test. Prep programs are not required, but many students find them helpful.